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A-Z Guide of Stirling Community Enterprise!

A-Z Guide of Stirling Community Enterprise!

A-Z Guide of Stirling Community Enterprise!

To help our followers get to know us better, we’ve created an A-Z Guide of Stirling Community Enterprise!


A is for Alister and his jokes that the office love to hear!

B is for Banter – More banter goes about the office than you would think!

C is for coffee!! Coffee is a need for some of our staff. It helps us get set in the morning and helps us get through the day.



D is for Discussions – Stirling Community Enterprise hold team meetings regularly because we believe that two heads (or in our case 8!) are better than one!

E is for an Early riser –Most of our team are in as early as they can be so that we can ensure we give all the help possible to our learners.

F is for FUN! – Working in an office might not scream fun, but with our wonderful team, we can make any task fun!

G is for Goggles! Here at Stirling Community Enterprise we hold weekly pallet workshops. But we ensure our learners are using goggles before touching any equipment or machinery!

H is for health – We believe that health is a pillar to success in the workplace.

I is for Interviews – Stirling Community Enterprise love to be interviewed and also love interviewing our learners and Partner Employers!

J is for the Journey to work – It may be bumpy but we are here to help!

K is for Karate – Carol’s a black belt don’t you know?!



L is for laughter – It’s true what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

M is for Mental Health – We believe that looking after you mental health is essential to living a happy and successful life

N is for Never Say Never – We like to keep a positive outlook in the office.

O is for Organisation – The key to a successful day in the office is being able to organise you day, it helps to keep things running smoothly and makes our staff feel less stressed about our work!

P is for Partnerships – No single organisation can do it alone, we always want to work together.



Q is for Quizzes – We love a quiz, our whole team is already excited for our Christmas Quiz night!

R is for Raploch – The Raploch community is a fantastic community to be a part of.

S is for Support – You will always find support at Stirling Community Enterprise!

T is for Trying – You must keep trying, don’t give up!

U is for Underdog – We root for you!

V is for Visuals – Our Marketing Assistant Sean can make amazing visuals and graphics.

W is for Working together – We all have individual skills but working together is what makes us a great team.

X is for our annual Xmas Quiz – it is legendary!

Z is for ZZzzz – What all of our staff have earned after a busy week.



Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with Stirling Community Enterprise, please contact us via phone, email or mail.

Community Enterprise
Kildean Hospital
146 Drip Road, Raploch
Stirling, FK8 1RW

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