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United Nation’s International Youth Day!

United Nation’s International Youth Day!

United Nation’s International Youth Day!

The theme for this year’s United Nation’s International Youth Day is “Safe Spaces for Youth”; a place where young people can feel free from judgement, discrimination, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm.

Stirling Community Enterprise cultivates an inclusive safe environment so that young people can ask for support without fear of judgement or criticism.  Every young person is mentored by a member of the team enabling the young person to set their own personal goals and make decisions within their lives with the right level of support.  This process aims to increase the confidence and resilience of young people and to enable them to create their own employment journey.

At Stirling Community Enterprise we believe that the education of all young people regardless of place of birth is important, especially when it comes to employability skills.

Employment can be a huge factor of positive change in a young person’s life however, many young people lack confidence due to feeling that they don’t have the required skills, knowledge and experience needed to begin their employment journey. This feeling of inadequacy can prevent these young people from asking for the help they need as they do   not feel safe to express themselves.

“When I first started the course I was very shy and anxious but my advisor has been amazing at helping me with my struggles, I feel much more confident when coming down to the centre and I’m starting to have a more positive outlook for the future.”

A WorkAble Client




Here at Stirling Community Enterprise we value young people which is why we are taking part in the Year of Young People! Read Chris’ Year of Young People Article here or  read Sean’s Year of Young People Article here.

Stirling Community Enterprise already work towards achieving a number of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which include: Quality Education, Good Jobs and Economic Growth and Reduced Inequalities.  To read more about what we do click here.

To find out more about how we can help you as a young person, phone us at 01786 472885 or e-mail us at


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