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“Our ‘go to’ agency “

“Our ‘go to’ agency “

24th September 2015

Stirling Criminal Justice Service (CJS) have been working in partnership with Raploch URC via the Community Enterprise for a number of years. The Service have become our “go to” agency when seeking employability support for some of the more chaotic young people who struggle to engage with mainstream services such as Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and more formal classroom-based environments.

Two particular aspects of the service are welcomed. Firstly, the service does not turn down referrals based on behaviour or history. This means that people who have attended the project previously and subsequently re-offended, relapsed or otherwise fell away, will be reconsidered when stable again. Secondly, the service tries hard to accommodate the needs of the young person and this flexible and responsive approach allows young people to be gradually introduced to the project maximising the chances of a successful placement.

The CJS wish to prioritise the employment and training opportunities of people with criminal convictions and hope to work more closely with the Community Enterprise in the future to develop pathways for individuals, tailored training opportunities and formal links to local employers who may be willing to offer employment to this marginalised group.

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