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Stop smoking my way!

Stop smoking my way!

Stop smoking my way!

For years and years, I tried to stop smoking. My first attempt was when I tried to just stop by will power alone. The first day was OK because I was in the right mind set and felt determined. Sleeping the first night before was difficult, but from the moment I opened my eyes the following morning it was pure torcher. I was crabit from the off, and having a smoke was on my mind the full day.

Its fair to say my first attempt was a total disaster!

My second attempt was when the small, white, plastic, nicotine cigarette substitutes first came out. Once again, I was determined and yet again, I caved in after a couple of days.

I tried different things for a few years. I went back and forward, between smoking for months and stopping for a few days, and it went like this for years.

The real breakthrough came was when E-Cigarettes came on the scene. It was still difficult, but after a while I finally broke through. I know the jury is still out on the E-cigs and vapes, but they helped me stop… and they were a bit better on the bank balance as well!

– Sean Thompson: Trainer / Mentor

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