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Sean’s Modern Apprenticeship

Sean’s Modern Apprenticeship

Sean’s Modern Apprenticeship

My experience as a Digital Media & Marketing Modern Apprentice;

I originally came to SCE on an Employability Fund course in 2017, referred by Stirling Council’s Local Area Coordination who were helping me find my feet after having to withdraw form university in 2015. As the course ended my mentor Tracy strongly encouraged me to apply for the Admin and Marketing position which was being advertised. At that time, I believed that this was only to give me experience of an interview and that there was no chance I could actually get the job, however Tracy could see something in me that I couldn’t see myself.

My time at SCE as a Community Job Scotland employee was life changing. It gave me consistency, stability and purpose that I didn’t have before, alongside many opportunities to confront and overcome my personal barriers. I greatly enjoyed every aspect of the work. The marketing side was a welcome challenge and creative outlet whereas the admin side was a calm change of pace to balance things out. As part of the team I  always felt as if I was already a core member and I look up to each of them.

After 18 months in my original role I was offered the opportunity to extend my contract through a Digital Media and Marketing Modern Apprenticeship. At this time I was excited for the opportunity to learn and improve upon my marketing work, particularly in terms of the website and refining our social media content. I also looked forward to the change form 16 hours a week to 25 as this would give me more time to focus on marketing and remove some of the creative restriction that fewer hours had.

My ‘Digital Marketing Apprenticeship’ began in July with a week-long course covering a variety of topics. While what I learned was very interesting, I was immediately overwhelmed by the initial impact of the workload and struggled with understanding the quality of work that was expected of me. However, I did my best, and this was always met with positivity from my assessor.

Over the following months as I worked through each of my fifteen units from ‘Developing Own Professionalism’ to ‘Marketing on Mobile Devices’, gradually adapting to the workload by constantly chipping away at a few questions each day until seven months later I had completed the academic elements of my Apprenticeship.

I now look forward to implementing my new found skills in my role as I am now much more confident in my work, having a wealth of knowledge behind me and my units to refer to if I’m ever unsure. I’m extremely grateful to SCE for giving me a further opportunity to develop myself and to my assessor for all the support she gave me in achieving this goal.


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