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Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolates is an organisation that supports women that have had any experience with the Scottish criminal justice system, helping them towards finding fulfilling and sustainable employment through the making and selling of high-quality chocolates. The organisation was founded to fill a gap in support services as there were few opportunities for women who are nearer towards being employment ready and aims to support as many of them to the best of their ability.

The importance of the organisation is to support women in a holistic way; not only giving them qualifications and skills but also building up their self-worth within a positive learning environment along with sign posting them to any additional services if they require. This approach makes Grace Chocolates a key part in breaking the cycle of offending and re-offending evidenced by the women who have engaged with them, none of whom over the course of 2018-2019 have re-offended.

Recently the organisation found themselves needing somewhere to base their new administrator and so they have been renting our hot desk space while they look for a more suitable long-term office. Joyce Murray the founder and director of Grace Chocolates said the Hub was “friendly and welcoming” and “The purposes and objectives of Stirling Community Enterprise are so aligned to ours that it just feels like a really good fit for a whole bunch of reasons”.

All the team and tenants at SCE are excited about working alongside such an organisation.


If you are interested in our available office space, hot desks and meeting rooms to book or lease within the SCE Hub please contact us by phone on: 01786 472 885 or by Email:


If you’re interested in purchasing some of Grace Chocolates high-quality chocolates with flavours such as “Lemon & Ginger”, “Banoffee” and “Coffee & Cardamom” you can check out their web store here

Grace Chocolates are also running their “Making Positive Changes Programme” on the 18th of February. The course is for any woman who has touched the Scottish criminal justice system and focuses on experience, skills and personal development while learning how to make chocolates. Further details about the course can be found on their website here

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If you would like to get in touch with Stirling Community Enterprise, please contact us via phone, email or mail.

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