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Phil Hutton

Phil Hutton

What made you decide to come to Stirling Community Enterprise for support?

I came to Stirling Community Enterprise because I was just out of jail and I was referred to Stewart MacFarlane. Stewart introduced me to the trainer – Sean Thompson.


What were some of the struggles you were going through that Stirling Community Enterprise supported you with?

I was attending sessions regularly with Stewart and I also was using ASC who helped me with other issues I was having problems with.


What is the name of the training course/programme that you have taken part in within Stirling Community Enterprise?

The first course I done at Sritling Community Enterprise was the landscaping course. I had already experience in that line of work, but I was just wanting something to do to be honest.


Did you feel as if the course challenged you enough?

The actual training stuff was quite easy because I knew how to do a lot of it but the toughest thing was attending their two days a week and FES three days a week. FES was hard sometimes because I wasn’t getting paid and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrated leaving on a Friday but I started getting to know the guys down there and they spoke highly of me to the managers and supervisors.


Could you describe some of the highlights of your time at Stirling Community Enterprise?

It was a really good five months at the Community Enterprise and once I got my head in the right place and sorted other issues, everything fell in to place.


How do you feel about yourself now, after completing your course and receiving support as opposed to before?

I feel like a new man these days. I have been employed for five weeks now and its great being able to buy fishing stuff and that.  Just going out for a bite to eat with my girlfriend and the small stuff.


Finally, if you could sum up Stirling Community Enterprise and/or the experience you’ve had here in three words, what would they be?

 F***ing Life Changing.

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