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Plean Precast

Plean Precast

Plean Precast

Line of Business:

Precast Concrete Manufacturing


Opportunity Provided:

Apprenticeship and job opportunities


Number of placements/ opportunities to date:

1 apprenticeship and 3 job opportunities


Why did you decide to get involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

SCE approached us in 2014 about becoming part of their network of local employers.  Having explained the ethos of the organisation and the diversity of individuals progressing through their centre, we quickly realised the benefits of working together.

Our organisation has a long history of providing employment opportunities within the local community and we know from experience how critical that is to our long-term continuity.    Our employment philosophy is driven by the desire to provide opportunities to those who show a desire to improve themselves, and when it comes to individuals we’re just as interested in their potential as we are in their existing skills and experience.

The SCE suggested that they could assist with:

  1. Understanding our requirements
  2. Identifying suitable candidates
  3. Assisting with interview scheduling
  4. Providing follow up support to us and our employee


Can you describe your experience of being an employer partner of Stirling Community Enterprise?

SCE make the process very straightforward and have demonstrated their ability to tailor the approach according to our requirements.  Despite offering slightly different opportunities, our brief has always been simple – “we have an opportunity, who would you recommend”?  The true value of the relationship comes from the ‘real life’ experience that SCE has working with individuals and really getting to know their strengths and weakness before presenting them to us.  It became clear from working with SCE that the candidates weren’t simply treated as ‘a C.V’. but as an individual that was on a supported pathway of development.


What were the highlights of your experience?

  1. Personal and professional service
  2. Pre-screened candidates
  3. Social benefit
  4. 4 valuable employees!


Were there any surprises?

No surprises


What have you gained as an organisation from becoming an Employer Partner?

We’ve been pleased to develop a relationship with an organisation who can help us develop the depth and quality of our workforce while being sensitive to the needs of the local community and the people within it.


What advice would you give to those considering becoming an Employer Partner?

Our advice would be to give it a go!  It’s a free service and there’s no pressure to employ anyone if they’re not suitable.  SCE provides the functionality of a recruitment agency, but with a social dimension and the knowledge that you’re helping people who want to be helped.

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