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Gary McKinstry

Gary McKinstry

Why did you decide to get involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

I got involved with RURC as most employers were asking for experience from job applicants and the course was great opportunity to gain experience as well as gaining the necessary qualifications such as the CSCS card. It was also a great chance to work with the team at RURC to develop my personal strengths and identify the areas I had to work on.


Can you describe your Stirling Community Enterprise Experience?

There was a good balance between practical work, classroom work and personal development. We would learn the theory side and then be able to put this into practice by doing practical work, which varied from learning how to use equipment to maintaining community gardens. We would also work on our personal skills through one to one sessions and team building activities such as football and rock climbing.


What were the highlights of your experience?

Working with the RURC training team. Whilst working with them I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and when leaving the course I had a greater understanding of what I wanted to achieve and how I would do so.


Were there any surprises?

The continued support after leaving the course. Even after the course had ended the staff were in touch to make recommendations and always available for advice.


What did you gain from your Training/ Placement?

I gained valuable experience and knowledge which would help me in employment combined with gaining the skills needed to handle situations such as interviews. RURC also recommended me to and set up an interview with a local company which I was successful with and am now employed. Because of the work with RURC I was prepared for the work environment and the challenges I would face.


Has your Training/ Placement influenced any future career plans?

Yes, whilst on the training course I became interested in community development work and have since started working towards a career in this field. I will be returning to RURC to gain more experience that will will invaluable in my future career.


What advice would you give students considering becoming involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

Definitely go for it. Whether you need help finding employment and getting ready for work or the relevant qualifications and knowledge needed the staff will do everything they can to help you. The support given here will greatly improve your chances of gaining employment and be competent when starting work and the knowledge gained from the team will greatly benefit you in your future career.

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