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Dave McManus – FES

Dave McManus – FES

Dave McManus – FES


Line of Business:Prefabrication


Can you introduce yourself and what your organisation does?

My name is Dave McManus and I am the Operations Manager for the prefabrication facility in Stirling. We are responsible for pre-fabricating and supplying all FES contracts nationwide a variety of pre-fabricated solutions. The manufacturing is carried out here in Stirling by our multi skilled team at the Prefabrication workshop, this enables FES to provide quality prefabricated solutions to our clients, ensuring that all health and safety protocols are strictly adhered to in the process.

Our multi skilled team are focused, motivated and valued assets to FES Ltd.


How did you hear about Stirling Community Enterprise? 

I first met Sean Thompson and heard about the SCE when he contacted our Training Officer, Kenny Stewart. He was looking for an employability session for a group he had and then he enquired about work placements within the company that’s also where I met Phil Hutton for the first time as well.


Why did you Decide to get involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

Supporting the local community and helping people back into work is something that FES like to be involved with, and if we can accommodate someone and give them some experience then why not? It benefits us as we can really get a good look at someone and if an opportunity arises then we have knowledge of that person’s commitment and capability.


Did we meet your required needs?

I think in Phil, we have a really good worker on our hands. When I first met with Sean, we spoke about the trainees that attend SCE and the barriers that a lot of them face, so we knew that there will be some additional support required when we employed Phil, but we are constantly working with SCE to continuously help him and get him to the place he wants to be.


Can you describe your experience of being a Partner Employer of Stirling Community Enterprise?

At the moment the partnership is working really well. It is early days but as of now we are on to our second work placement from SCE and it is going really well. We also help to support the Pallet workshop, which is overseen by Sean, but the running of the sessions is carried out by a volunteer. We have donated some small tools and equipment that were surplus to requirement from FES, but I know they will really help the Pallet group with new projects in the future.


What were the highlights of your experience?

It was good to get down to the SCE centre and get a look at all the other training that they do. There is a really good feel about the place and people are benefiting from the service, so it’s good to be able to help those people by supporting SCE in whatever way we can.


What have you gained as an organisation form becoming a Partner Employer?

It’s early days working with SCE, but as an employer we have already recruited a very good employee and I believe that there are more to come.


Can you describe what Stirling Community Enterprise has done for you in one sentence?

It has been a really efficient way for us to recruit because the placement structure is working very well for both FES and SCE.


What do you think makes Stirling Community Enterprise different?

It’s a very people focused place, with a lot of individual needs being supported, which from my point of view is crucial in the development and confidence of every individual. They have real drive and motivation to help the local community gain employment and that’s what it’s all about.


What would you say to those considering becoming a Partner Employer?

I know it works well for us, allowing us to test the water by having individual placements. The individuals are assessed by the team at SCE prior to placement, which focuses on the needs of both the individuals and the Partner Employer, which provides a smoother transition on both sides.


Finally, if you could describe Stirling Community Enterprise in three words, what would they be?

Community Enterprise Works!

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