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David Murray

David Murray

David was referred from youth services to ALBA construction. He has been working with youth services since leaving school and didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He recently completed the construction course and got his manual handling certificate, introduction to modular surfaces certificate and passed his CSCS test. He is aiming for a work placement in his home village at Cultenhove, where he will be working with the contractors who are developing new housing in that area, so as he can gain more experience in the construction industry.

What made you decide to come to Stirling Community Enterprise for support?

I was brought down by youth services to meet Sean. Eleanor brought me down on my first visit and it looked quite good.


What were some of the problems you needed help with form SCE?

At first, I just wanted something to do and keep busy, but then I found out I could do my CSCS training there as well so I wanted to do that.


What training course did you take part in?

I did the construction course.


What did you enjoy about the training course?

I liked using different machines when mono-blocking, but I was working with pals. I just wanted something to do.


How did you feel once you had passed the test?

I was really happy.  it made me a lot more confident because I was quite nervous


How has your training affected your future career plans?

I am looking to get on to building sites now because I have a better understanding of them.


How do you feel about yourself now, after completing your course and receiving support?

I feel quite motivated so I hope I get this placement on the Cultenhove sites. it’ll be handy as it’s right outside my house.


What do you think makes Stirling Community Enterprise different?

Everybody is sound and they treat you normal and the kit’s not like school as I thought it would be.


As a young person, how did you feel about your employability skills before coming to Stirling Community Enterprise?

I probably didn’t even know what that meant, to be honest.


Did you have much confidence in your ability to find a job?

I think I have a better chance now because I have all the certificates and training. My CSCS will be the most helpful though.


If someone asked you about your Stirling Community Enterprise mentor, what would you say?

He’s a sound guy.


How would you sum up your experience at Stirling Community Enterprise?

Aye, really good!


Would you like to say anything to our Stirling Community Enterprise team?

Everybody is sound because they treat you like a normal person. it’s different from school.

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