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Daniel Beedie

Daniel Beedie

Training Course/ Placement Attended

ALBA Landscaping
SQA Personal Development Award


Why did you decide to get involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

I wanted to get more skills and get ready for work.


Can you describe your Stirling Community Enterprise Experience?

I had a wonderful experience. The staff are amazing and really helpful.


What were the highlights of your experience?

Going up Ben A’an in the snow such a good time and doing the boxing training.


Were there any surprises?

Yes I wasn’t expecting to do emergency first aid but I did have a good time.


What did you gain from your Training/ Placement?

I got my emergency first aid certificate and personal development award.


Has your Training/ Placement influenced any future career plans?

Yes it has. I am now at college doing a NC Creative Industries.


What advice would you give students considering becoming involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

Stick at it. They teach you skills that will help you for work or even getting into college. If you have any problems the staff will help if they can.

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