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Chris Manson

Chris Manson

What made you decide to come to Stirling Community Enterprise for support?

I was just out the jail, six and a half years and I couldn’t get a job


What were some of the struggles you were going through that Stirling Community Enterprise supported you with?

Mainly for me it was getting work, they got my CSCS Card and actually got me a job.

What would have cost me money, they got it for me, so actually, it saved me.


Which training course/programme did you take part in?

ALBA Construction, I got an SQA Health and Safety in Construction Environment qualification and I also got my CSCS Card.


Did you feel as if the course challenged you enough?

I learned a lot of things here, lots of computer skills, and lots of work based stuff, stuff that I didn’t really know before.


What did you gain from your Training/Placement?

I got my CSCS Card and went into full time work.


How has your Training/ Placement effected your future career plans?

I’m now working with Griffin PG & Sons the Civil Engineering Company.


Could you describe some of the highlights of your time at Stirling Community Enterprise?

A lot of it actually, it was quite fun. You get on with different people, people like Stewart, they’re good people to know.


How do you feel about yourself now, after completing your course and receiving support as opposed to before?

A hundred times better!


Finally, if you could sum up Stirling Community Enterprise and/or the experience you’ve had here in three words, what would they be?

Supportive. Helpful. Knowledgeable.


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