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Artisan Crafts

Artisan Crafts

“I attend the Artisan Craft group with my daughter, and usually anything that I do go to centres around her specific needs and requests and the things she is interested in; I go with her to support her needs and help her get the best experience she can.

We both attend this group and regardless of her autism, she is fully accepted and included, she is asked for opinions and Ideas, she is supported within the group and her skills are tapped into and used to help everyone. This is so good and quite rare, it makes me feel amazing that she has that level of acceptance and inclusion, as I feel she should be included in everything, no matter what.

It feels great that because she is included, I don’t need to constantly chaperone her, which then allows me to have a little time, just for me, to do what I enjoy and want to do. This is also a rare occurrence and is really important to me, as it is my time of the week where I get to have a little social interaction, have a blether and be involved in something which I enjoy.

The support and acceptance we all get at the group is fabulous, I feel relaxed, respected and above all really included and this is priceless.

It’s a local group and the staff make us feel so very welcome, chatting and passing the time of day, which is really nice and friendly. I love coming here and have been able to expand my friends’ group and arrange to meet up socially with new people which is great.

It’s helping me a lot; I feel happy when I’m there and have a lot of fun.”

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