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All Cleaned Up Scotland

All Cleaned Up Scotland

All Cleaned Up Scotland

Line of Business: Social Enterprise Industrial Cleaning Company


Can you introduce yourself and what your organisation does?

First are foremost we’re a commercial business, so that generates profit which is gift-aided back to our parent company APEX Scotland to then be reinvested in charitable aims, which is to help ex-offenders, and help people back into employment.


How did you hear about Stirling Community Enterprise?

I knew of it through the old firm Raploch URC, and I came across the work through the previous Project Manager who had met with Stirling Community Enterprise to tentatively explore some partnership work.


Why did you decide to get involved with Stirling Community Enterprise?

They have the same aims, similar social aims, same ethos, and same set of beliefs. Same idea of the kind of society that they want to live in.


Why did you choose us as opposed to someone else? 

It was the closest fit to what we ourselves try to achieve.


Can you describe your experience of being an Employer Partner of Stirling Community Enterprise?

It’s been good and a hopeful process of selecting candidates, going through the interview process with them and their assistance with that was fluid. In terms of it all, it was a good standard of candidate that they had.

On the other side of that, we also have cleaning contract for Stirling Community Enterprise. So our member of staff, but they’re almost managed by Stirling Community Enterprise. It’s good, it’s a good relationship.


What were the highlights of your experience?

We got a suitable candidate for a Community Jobs Scotland post and with any post of that nature and specifically with the individual we’re talking about, it’s enjoyable to see new growth. Where they started to where they are now.


What have you gained as an organisation from becoming an Employer Partner?

Probably a new commercial contract in all honesty for us to look at it that way. It allowed us to expose the other side of our operation to Stirling Community Enterprise and what services we can deliver as well.


Can you describe what Stirling Community Enterprise has done for you in one word or sentence?



What do you think makes Stirling Community Enterprise different?

Maybe because of the location or because of the different of people that help, there is a sense of community here.  It can be more difficult to gage how that feels with other organisations. There is a genuine sense of, Stirling Community Enterprise is part of the fabric of the local community of Stirling. And the people that come to it, benefit from that.


What would you say to those considering becoming an Employer Partner?

Absolutely. If you invested in, not just a young person, but in anybody into your business that needs additional support or has come on a bit of a journey then Stirling Community Enterprise will support you with that. So it’s worthwhile.


Finally, if you could describe Stirling Community Enterprise and/or the experience you’ve had with us in three words, what would they be?

Positive. Rewarding. Connectivity.




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If you would like to get in touch with Stirling Community Enterprise, please contact us via phone, email or mail.

Community Enterprise
Kildean Hospital
146 Drip Road, Raploch
Stirling, FK8 1RW

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