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Abdelmaaboud – CSCS

Abdelmaaboud – CSCS


Abdelmaaboud from Cornton, recently took part in our CSCS training and successfully achieved his green labourer’s card after struggling with English not being his first language. We translated his learning material and gave him additional support to overcome the challenges he faced with learning and being assessed in a different language.

We have since facilitated a work trial with one of our valued Partner Employers and our fingers are crossed that he gets the job!

We captured Abdelmaboud’s Success Story to share his experience to date and celebrate his fantastic achievement.


What made you decide to come to Stirling Community Enterprise for support?

For the CSCS Card first, and I came for help looking for work.


What were some of the problems you needed help with from SCE?

Because English is not my first language I can’t easily find work. I’ve only been speaking English for two and a half years. Before I came here I didn’t know any.


Which training course did you take part in?

Training for the CSCS Card.


What did you enjoy about the training course?

I like that I know by doing this I can support my life, my wife, and my kids.


Did the translated learning pack that we gave help at all?

It was good to have but I wanted to learn it in English because the test was in English.


How did you feel once you had passed the test?

Very happy, I didn’t believe it.  When you come to a new country and you don’t know anything, you don’t know anyone, you know nothing, you don’t have money but you need work it’s scary. When I started here I didn’t believe I was going to pass.


How has your Training affected your future career plans?

I want to get training for other jobs too.


How do you feel about yourself now, after completing your course and receiving support?

Like a princess!


What do you think makes Stirling Community Enterprise different?

This place has nice people, nobody looks at you bad. They’ll explain things to you if you don’t understand until you do. Most people will tell you that they can’t help you if English is not your first language but these people help me when I can’t speak English.

In other places for some courses, I was told they couldn’t take me because they needed me to improve my English skills first.  Now hopefully it will be easier for me to find a job because I have my CSCS Card and also because passed my driving test last month.


If someone asked you about your Stirling Community Enterprise mentor, what would you say?

Sean is a very good man, I like him a lot. A very good man, he has helped me so much.

When he first saw me he told me I was going to pass the test and he said “Trust me,” and I told him “No I don’t trust you because I know I’ll not pass.” He said, “No you will, I’ll make sure for you, I promise.”

He’s helped me with a lot. He’s helping me with my CV, with work with the CSCS Card. He’s a good person.


How would you sum up your experience at Stirling Community Enterprise?

It’s very good.


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