Sean + Haadiyah’s #NoWrongPath Stories

Sean + Haadiyah’s #NoWrongPath Stories

Sean + Haadiyah’s #NoWrongPath Stories

This year we are taking part in the DYW Forth Valley #NoWrongPath initiative to let the young people of Scotland know that as important as exam results are, getting bad grades is not the end of the world! At Stirling Community Enterprise we respect that no-ones journey is the same and that the time required to successfully secure employment can vary dramatically based on the barriers that each individual may face. Our staff have taken time out of their busy days to share their own journey’s into employment. Both Sean and Haadiyah applied for University, but had different experiences.

Read about them below

Sean – Administration and Marketing Assistant

I left school to study Archaeology at University, however my studies were suspended after a year because of my mental health. I eventually returned to my studies, however, I then dropped out of University, again, because of mental health.

I started a Stirling Community Enterprise Employability course and completed a work placement with Stirling Council Land Services. I then got my current job at Stirling Community Enterprise as an Administration and Marketing Assistant!

Sean’s  #NoWrongPath Story tells us that life will throw obstacles at us, however, we can overcome these. We may not get to where we originally wanted to go but you may end up finding something you love doing even more!

To read more about Sean’s journey, check out his Year of Young People story.

Haadiyah – Digital Marketing Project Officer

At school I was highly encouraged to go to University, however, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I decided to apply to University to study English Literature because I knew it was something I was good at and it was something I enjoyed. It wanted to attend The University of Glasgow. However, due to personal circumstances, I was unable to sit my fifth year higher exams, effecting my application into University.

I didn’t make it into the University of Glasgow, however I did get accepted to study English Literature at the University of Stirling. This wasn’t the route I wanted to go down, but looking back on it, I’m incredibly happy I did. I moved out a lot earlier than I had expected to, meaning that I was taking charge of my own life, I made some wonderful friends and enjoyed my degree.

But there came a point where I realised that I wasn’t happy with my degree choice. I had taken some Marketing modules in second year and really enjoyed them. I had looked into changing my degree to a joint English and Marketing degree at the end of my second. However, the University did not offer this. I decided to just continue with my degree because I thought it would be easier.

Earlier on this year I changed my degree to BA (Hons) Marketing. Come September time I will be resitting my third year as a marketing student. This means that I will be graduating a year later than I thought I would and that I will need to put in a lot more work than my fellow students on my degree course but it also means that I am not stuck doing something I don’t want to do.

Although I am scared and nervous about the big degree change I am also so excited to see what opportunities this will open up for me, and I am ready to start studying something that I am going to enjoy

Haadiyah’s #NoWrongPath story tells us that even though she didn’t achieve the grades she wanted in order to get into her choice of University, there were still options available to her. It also tells us that it’s never too early or too late to make a change within your career path.


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